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Parlour Songs

Parlour Songs

An online collection of Drawing Room songs and ballads.
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Sample my Victorian Karaoke!

Karaokes like this can be made into video CD to play in any DVD player.

Streaming Audio

Music for inclusion on webpages can be in streaming format, as in the sample here.

(Barcarole, from "Tales of Hoffmann" by Offenbach)

Flash Presentation

Add a simple slideshow in Flash format to your web page.

Multimedia Services


Web Pages for Practice

Are you organising a concert or show, but have little time for rehearsal? Help your choir to learn their parts by putting them online. I will sequence the music and build the page - all you need do is send your singers the link to get them note-perfect. Visit this example web page.

Media Transfer Services

Have you a home video collection or a stash of LPs gathering dust because you've no means of playing them? From as little as £5 per item (LP or audio cassette) I will transfer these to compact disc or DVD. Formats include:

Other formats, including photographic slides, will be considered at negotiable rates. Normal copyright rules apply, so please do not ask me to produce pirate DVDs.

Please contact me for more details and quotation.

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